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Every organization has a personality.  Your organization’s personality is determined in part by its values, its culture, its people, and the way it handles success and adversity.  If internally your organization is facing difficulties like aversion to change or declining employee morale, then chances are your external personality is also suffering.  

Investment in organizational development is essential to maintaining a healthy, productive, efficient organization.  If you invest proactively you can prevent potential problems before they even arise and create a culture of engagement and communication.  If problems have already emerged, investing in staff and board retreats or culture management shows your commitment to your mission, your staff, and your community while establishing a culture of adaptability and accountability. 

  • Employee Engagement

  • Change Management

  • Community Engagement

  • Culture Change

  • Stakeholder Visioning Sessions

  • Creative Retreats and Facilitation


The intent of this training was to encourage staff to look at their work and their personal life with a more compassionate perspective and to appreciate other’s point of views, demonstrating an enhanced understanding and acceptance of others. At the same time, supplying them with the necessary tools to improve relationships with clients (and others) and make the work place more harmonious.
— Lizbeth Snead, Richmond City WIC Coordinator
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