Creativity in the Workplace


Last week Heide Trepanier and Sarah Milston presented at C3 Richmond in a talk titled Breathe, Create, and Act (a copy of the presentation can be found below.)  This was the debut of a new offering at The Spark Mill called {flare} promoting creativity in the workplace.  

We started out coloring mandalas and watching the amazing tibetan sand video as inspiration for playing and collaborating with the universe rather than fighting against it.  Heide discussed her artistic process used to create art and her new vision that art is a community property as articulated in her work at LoveBomb. 

We finished the talk with a snapshot of some workplace creativity tools drawing from The Spark Mill's visual content work (seen to the right), the book Gamestorming, and inspiration from Brainzooming's Extreme Creativity blogs and a bonus showing of Sunni Brown's TED Talk on the Power of Doodling. 

What will you do today to ACT LIKE A KID?

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