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 Are you seeking change?

You may have come to this page with a different word in mind, rest assured you are in the right place. Whether you call it strategic planning, employee engagement, culture change...etc., our process is similar - gather information, soak in the details and data, and create a plan. Our difference is we hate boiler plates, you get the exact right process you need built around nudges from us and consensus from your team.


Strategic planning

Community Engagement

Culture change


Brand strategy

nonprofit sustainability

change management


Strategic Planning

nonprofit • corporate • government • higher education

1 year to 10 - planning designed for your specific needs with an eye toward the kind of change you want, inclusive of stakeholders, and with a heavy emphasis on implementation coaching.



Community Engagement

The process of involving stakeholders in the change that will impact them.

We have a deep commitment to centering our work in the client/customer/participant who will be most affected. We weave community engagement best practices into all of our work, but can also consult separately to increase your organization’s community intelligence through projects large and small.




Moving groups through change, together.

Every organization has a personality.  Your organization’s personality is determined in part by its values, its culture, its people, and the way it handles success and adversity.   Investment in organizational development is essential to maintaining a healthy, productive, efficient organization.  If you invest proactively you can prevent potential problems before they even arise and create a culture of engagement and communication. 




brand voice + strategy • stakeholder feedback • employee + community rollouts

Brand strategy is at the root of all of the decisions you make at your company or nonprofit. A robust brand strategy can help answer how you look, the words you choose, and what steps you should take next.

We apply our strategic process to all brand clients starting with gathering information from stakeholders, learning from the information, creative facilitation of the information, and ultimately your final brand guide.




fundraising strategy • marketing assessments + plans • board development

Nonprofit sustainability is about telling stories, raising funds, and planning for the future. From making sure you have an engaged board to determining if you have the right people in the right places – this is where all of the pieces that help you achieve your mission and make an impact in the community come together. We understand that while mission and impact are the heart and soul of a nonprofit, there are many integral moving parts behind the scenes that make the magic happen.  




nonprofit • corporate • government • higher education

Sometimes change hurts a bit, but it doesn't have to be unbearable. Investing in staff and board retreats or moving your organization through a significant change with purpose shows your commitment to your company/organization, your staff, and your community while establishing a culture of adaptability and accountability. 


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