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The Nonprofit Difference

An employee readiness training for impactful skills-based volunteering.

Designed to help businesses think through the creation and management of a high quality pro bono program and provide context to their employees so they may deploy exceptional and impactful pro bono services.


This product is perfect for:

Businesses and corporations that value community impact through nonprofit pro bono services. If you are already supporting your employees, you might as well make sure they are having the impact you desire.

Licensing details:

  • Train the Trainer Facilitation

  • Flexible 1-3 year licenses

  • Your toolkit includes participant workbooks, train the trainer manual, and measurement tools

Too small for a license?

  • We can deliver the content and assess and analyze your pro bono program


Mission Forward

Who says startups deserve all the cool stuff? Inspired by their acceleration programs, this product makes good stuff happen faster.

Struggling to implement new ideas, we can meet your organizations where they are and help them move forward faster. Sized from small cohorts, one time events, and large-scale deployment-we have solutions for every part of the spectrum of need. Model includes mentor recruitment and coaching, pitch-night options, ideation tools, and rapid-fire testing.


This product is perfect for:

Organizations interested in Innovation
Do you have mature nonprofits looking to innovate and ideate? We have an off the shelf solution.

Community Foundations, Associations, Private Foundations, Community-minded corporations
Looking to move the needle in your community or region and not reinvent the wheel.

Licensing details:

  • Comprehensive train the trainer sessions

  • Flexible 1-3 year licenses

  • Toolkit includes train the trainer materials, participant workbooks, and measurement tools


Group Strategic Planning

Designed to offer stellar strategic planning to a cohort of small to medium sized nonprofits.

Size shouldn’t exclude nonprofit organizations from comprehensive and in depth strategic planning. Designed for nonprofit with small budgets and big dreams, this cohort model takes advantage of a solid process, coaching, and group experience to enable smaller organizations to develop 3 year strategic plans and engage external stakeholders, staff, and board in the process.


This product is perfect for:

Capacity Building Organizations

Consultants who want to deploy strategic planning to large groups

Licensing details:

  • Flexible 1-3 year licenses with geographic limitations to ensure you are the only resource offering this model.

Local Option:

Read more about our own deployment in Summer 2019 in Richmond, Virginia


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