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Our sweet spot is the space where strategy, creativity, and action meet.



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The Spark Mill is a consulting firm with a focus on customized solutions and attention to detail.  We believe all organizations, regardless of size can have high functioning and high return programs.  We pride ourselves on recommending cost effective and practical solutions with tangible action steps that can be implemented by the organization.  

We see our role as a guide in a collaborative process, where together we walk through your dreams and visions and turn them into reality.


For us, it’s all about the people.

Want an official resume?  Visit LinkedIn.

Want an official resume? Visit LinkedIn.


Sarah Milston


Sarah loves a challenge and is known for making connections between people and ideas and data. She believes change is a necessary and exciting part of life and works hard to raise two girls with hopes they will be good and kind humans. Words are important, read Sarah’s thoughts on the blog.

Official resume can be found on  LinkedIn.

Official resume can be found on LinkedIn.


Chris Bennett


Chris loves big ideas and the impact they have on the world. He is fascinated by the intersection between innovation, social good, entrepreneurship, and institutions. A Richmond native, he and his family love adventuring outdoors. Words are important, read Chris’ thoughts on the blog.

Find her official resume on  LinkedIn.

Find her official resume on LinkedIn.


Lindsey O-Pries


Lindsey values collaboration, a deep commitment to equity, and a completed checklist. She is a verbal processor who thrives in projects with lots of change and since she has three kids three and under she is quite skilled at making it work. Words are important, read Lindsey’s thoughts on the blog.

For an official resume,  visit LinkedIn .

For an official resume, visit LinkedIn.


Mariah Williams


Mariah believes in encouraging girls and women to be their authentic and whole self. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, she is an urban planner with a love for cities, cultural spaces, and making connections with the people who live in them. Words are important, read Mariah’s thoughts on the blog.

Want an official resume?  Visit LinkedIn.

Want an official resume? Visit LinkedIn.


Courtney Layman


Courtney believes in choosing the appropriate words, understanding the data, and minding the details.  She’s a lover of sarcasm and the Oxford comma who continues to live by the Air Force core values – integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Words are important, read Courtney’s thoughts on the blog.

If you are looking to move forward on your path in a positive and thoughtful manner, engaging with the team at The Spark Mill is the best decision that you can make for yourself and your business.
— past workshop attendee
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