Technology Drive for RPS Elementary Schools

I recently moved and in cleaning and purging discovered a drawer of lost forgotten technology. Most don't have chargers and looked seemingly like trash.  I was mentioning this to my friend who is an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) in Richmond and we hatched an idea.  


Your Technology

Odds are you have some old items laying around that you meant to donate or sell and just haven't gotten around to it.  You got new stuff during the holidays to upgrade and don't know what to do with the old stuff.  

What They will do with it

Tablet Uses
apps, games in class, taking pictures, QR Code treasure hunts, small group instruction, e-reading for individual instruction

iPods or MP3 Player Uses- (any kind- especially old classics with video screens)
students can record themselves reading, listening stations in class, take home so that parents can watch lessons, teachers can record instructions to lessons and parents can watch, teachers can record plays in class and parents who wouldn’t have been able to attend can check out the device and watch at home, parents can check out and record themselves reading to the class,

Old iPhone Uses
*some of the same from above*  Also- “text” their spelling words, take pictures/video of class trips and activities, record themselves reading and then listen to it for fluency check- will feel more natural because they are just talking on the phone

Items Needed

iPods - even the really old ones
MP3 Players

What to do

Wipe them clean and drop them off at our offices on 1623 W. Broad Street during business hours. Cases and Chargers are appreciated!

Sarah MilstonComment