Old and New Sparks - Welcoming Repeat Clients and Thought Partners

Relationship Goals

From a business standpoint, having repeat clients is a great stamp of approval, an affirmation of a job well done.  From a personal standpoint, having a client reach back out for another project is an exciting opportunity to spend more time around the table together – getting to know them a little better, and as a consultant, increasing the depth of our exposure to them. 

We are delighted to be welcoming back two great clients as they each kick off intense Strategic Planning over the next few months. Having worked on the last plans for both organizations we are excited about the prospect to dig in and help craft actionable and transformative plans for  Virginia Poverty Law Center and American Institute of Architects Virginia.   

We Love Partnerships

The nature of the work we do with our clients is oftentimes difficult.  We ask the hard questions, encourage the tough conversations, and sometimes make suggestions that will require change and growing pains.  In order for everyone to be successful in this process there has to be a level of comfort, confidence, and trust that we are bringing the best to the table.  Founder, Sarah Milston, started The Spark Mill with the belief that by assembling the right people for each project clients are able to reap the most benefits. Our promise to you is to bring in the best experts in town to help you leap. Our goal was never to create a giant firm, but rather to strategically partner with people when it made sense for the client. 

In the spirit of this promise, The Spark Mill has partnered with many industry colleagues and other professionals over the years.  In 2016 our partnerships have and will include the following variety of super knowledgeable resources. 

Campfire & Co - Branding
Chrysalis Institute – Employee Engagement Facilitation
Knowledge Advisory Group - Strategic Planning and Brand Exploration
Polychrome Collective - Branding
Richmond Peace Education Center – Employee Engagement Facilitation

New friends, repeat clients, long time thought partners - we are grateful for all of these relationships that help make our days fun and our work fascinating!