Group Strategic Planning - A Solution for Small Nonprofits

Group strategic planning is designed to offer stellar strategic planning to a cohort of small to medium sized nonprofits.

We believe size shouldn’t exclude nonprofit organizations from comprehensive and in depth strategic planning. We often hear that nonprofits are desperate for strategic planning services but do not have the budget to support it so they get by with one day retreats.

In response to that problem we designed a planning process for nonprofits with small budgets and big dreams, this cohort model takes advantage of a solid process, coaching, and group experience to enable smaller organizations to develop 3 year strategic plans and engage external stakeholders, staff, and board in the process all at a fraction of the cost of traditional strategic planning.


  • Nonprofits with budgets less than $500,000

  • Organizations interested in collecting feedback from the community to shape their future

  • Time available to devote to a 6 month process

  • No more than 8 nonprofits per cohort

Essential Components:

  • Engaged board

  • Paid staff member or very active volunteer director

  • Past the start-up stage of development

for small nonprofits with big ideas


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The Process and Components

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