Inside the Toolbox: A Meeting Technique to Make the Most of Everyone's Time - POP!

I go to a lot of meetings — I’m sure you do, too!

Planning and facilitating a meeting is an important skill for us all to learn. The difference between a well-planned and executed meeting and one that was put together last minute is extraordinary.

Here’s a quick and easy tool that I believe is adaptable to most of the meetings you have on your calendar.

The POP Method!

Purpose: Why? Why are we undertaking this? What is the purpose?

Outcomes: What are the specific outcomes we want to accomplish as a result of this action?

Process: What steps will we take to achieve these outcomes and fulfill the purpose?

Making time to work out your “POP” before a meeting is 100% worth the time and effort. As with all new things, the first few times might feel clunky and awkward, but after a while you will be breezing right through the process and having productive meetings.

Here’s more information on the POP method from The Social Transformation Project.

Disclaimer—POP is great for almost all kinds of meetings, but some meetings are more challenging to facilitate than others. Sometimes you just need an experienced facilitator, and we are happy to work with you to POP a meeting and provide facilitation.