Moving beyond the myth - "The Overhead Myth"

A snapshot of the historic letter.  

A snapshot of the historic letter.  

Finally, we start the right conversation.  The conversation about overhead and cost of doing business.  Nonprofits tend to woefully under invest in themselves for technology, human resources, strategic planning for fear of increasing their overhead costs and having a bad ratio.  So they suffer with outdated computers, underdeveloped staff, and no concrete plans.  

"In a historic move, the leaders of the country’s three leading sources of information on nonprofits – GuideStarCharity Navigator, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance – penned an open letter to the donors of America denouncing the “overhead ratio” as a valid indicator of nonprofit performance." -

The letter calls on those who believe in this initiative to sign a pledge accessible on the Overhead Myth website.  As a former fundraiser I am elated to read these respected organizations open this topic for talk.   


What do you think of their stand?  Will you sign the pledge? 


Sarah MilstonComment